Steve's surgery information

Mary Jo on September 29, 2009

Steve sent this yesterday as a prayer request

  • I just returned home from my doctor’s appt and here is the scoop on my surgery on Wednesday at 1:15 PM.  The doctor that Dr. Bob Cropsey was able to help me get in to see-Dr. Janda, thank you Dr. Bob, is a great guy.  He said the MRI showed two tears, one on the front of the cuff and the other at the attachment to the bone of the shoulder joint.  He did see a spur on one of the bones and will knock that off while in there Both tears are of such a nature that there will be no difficulty in repairing them arthroscopically and I’ll not be troubled to leave the end of the month.  Thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement.  Please remember to pray for Jo as she had to stay behind and hold down the fort in my absence

There will be more available Wednesday after the surgery.

Mary Jo