Up-Date to Steve's surgery and thank you for praying

Dear all,


That seems so impersonal but it is impersonal.  It is for the reason of my health that I'm writing .


We are doing as well as can be expected with both of us just having had cataract surgery.  Thank you for praying on my behalf as you can tell I have my new GLASSES so I can see once again!  It was  EXTREMELY difficult to watch email come in and not be able to respond.  I'm so thankful for the help of my wife and sister-in-law (who lives just around the corner from us) for their patience with me.  In case you haven't heard but the hospital in Mango won't be opening now until the 2nd of March.  Due to some un-forseen circumstances the hosptial won't be opening till the 2nd.  However, please continue to pray on their behalff.

So, I thank you all for praying for me!  Now, I ask you to mark your calendar for the 21st. and Jo's back surgery.  They will be fusing together T10 - the top of her sacrum and putting in a rod on either side of the vertebral bodies.  Here is what her doctor had to say about the surgery for the medically inclined.   "The plan would be to do a T10 to S1 fusion with Iliac bolt placement, correction of the scoliosis, multiple level facetectomies, osteotomies and interbody fusion at L5 - S1."  All this without a brace!  All though she will be on her tommy for 4 or 5 days!