Update to our prayer letter

November 13, 2014


Dear friend,


I felt it was necessary to write you an update.  Mary Jo is doing better than we had expected and is up and moving about.  We want to thank you for praying for her.


You may be asking why then write?  This letter concerns me.  I’ve been concerned for some time now as to my condition of Dementia.  I’ve noticed some changes over the last few days, namely forgetting more things that haven’t been written down and I sleep a lot.  It takes me forever to formulate a  letter.  For instance it took me more than 30 minutes to put this letter together.  For this reason I would prefer that you write me (if necessary) through my wife Mary Jo.  However, please understand it may take a while to respond.  Her email address is:  mjmills@abwe.cc.  For those of you who may be wondering, I won’t be doing any more deer hunting!  To dangerous.  This hurts me to tell you that.  But I will be much better off, not hunting.  I have a 20 gauge Mossberg shotgun and 30/30 (no name as of this writing) rifle for sale (both bolt action) if you are interested.  You should give a reasonable offer as I will confirm all offers!  I also will have various hunting supplies for sale as well.